Lucky patcher
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lucky patcher for your android device
hello guys . In this article i am going to tell you guys that how to download the lucky patcher app       for your android device this is a very easy tutorial regarding the download of lucky patcher for android .

Often we see that when we try to download  lucky patcher app for our android device there are outdated versions that causes the adfly links which is often blocked by the provider of ours.
I am here going to provide you the direct download link to download the application and will review it as well , and you can learn out many things and use the lucky patcher easily .

Download the apk . 

You first need to download the apk of the lucky patcher application from this

What lucky patcher does

lucky patcher is very helpful in removing the license verification of the application . And besides that it also let's you to remove the google ads that appear while you use the application. Generally when you use any of the application most of the times ads disturbs you in between of using the application that annoys you very much , and there was no solution for that untill lucky patcher was introduced . Ads are very annoying because when it occurs sometimes by mistake we click them and then other playstore window open up which is very disturbing sometimes especially when you are intending to do something important related to your work . Lucky patcher is the only solution for this exissting problem and it lets you block the unwanted ads forever so you don't get annoyed and disturbed in the middle of something important and while playing your favorite games as well .
Along with that with lucky patcher you can now backup your applications which is sometimes needed when you by mistake tend to uninstall the app that you didn't want to remove . One more interesting feature of lucky patcher is that that you can uninstall the preinstall applications of your phone . Often when you buy a new phone you get preinstalled appl,ications in your phone like google chrome , google map which takes very much memory even when you don't want so . So lucky patcher also allows you to delete these applications which you don't want in your android phone.